In the echo chambers all truth will die.

Who doesn’t want their theories validated? What could be better than talking about the reptillian overlords who rule us and only be faced with agreement? Well, anything really.

I get that you beleive chemtrails are a proven reality. I might want to question what constitutes proof in this instance but invariably I’m met with something like:

If you can’t see they’re a fact then you’re just a sheep. You need to wake up before it’s too late.

Okay, then show me the facts. Show me where it’s proven that 9/11 was definitely an inside job / the work of the Israelis. Proof, evidence. Not conjecture, not the linking together of random facts to provide a very, very, loose argument. Facts.

Those are facts. You just choose not to see them or you’re too dumb.

Yes, that must be it. I must be so stupid that I failed to find the truth in that three hour video you linked me to on YouTube. You know, the one hosted by the guy with one eye going to the shops and suspiciously shiny skin. The one where he presents various images and theories and claims “If you can’t see this is the truth then there’s no helping you”. Because fuck facts. Who needs facts when you have theories and a shit ton of people willing to back you up. Well, the truth needs facts and this certainly isn’t the way to get them.

It’s so elitist and against all the principles of ‘alternative media’ (a tag I now loathe) to be this way. We were supposed to be enlightened. We were supposed to go against the Mainstream media model of editorialising without challenge. We were supposed to be better and we have failed. We have failed miserably. All because the comfort of an echo chamber is more appealing than having our concepts, our ideas, what we hold to be true challenged.

It’s become like religion. ‘How do you know god exists?”, “Because I beleive in him”. “Why do you believe in him?”. “Because he exists”. “Where is your proof?”. “Read the bible”. It’s a revolving argument which has no resolution so long as the faithful wrap themselves in the celestial bubble wrap of faith.

Am I being overly dramatice? Well, head over to an Alex Jones thread on Facebook and challenge one of his pronouncements. Don’t insult the man, or even be insulting of what he’s said. Just challenge it. The holy rollers of ‘alternative media’ will be on you like flies on a turd. ‘AH’ I hear you cry ‘That’s just the Alex Jones audience, we’re far better than that’. Oh really? Try it on a Richie Allen thread or a David Icke article, you’ll get the same results although possibly with less ‘cuck’ and ‘#MAGA’ in there of course.

Without a challenge, without considering the alternative argument, we fester. We become more insular. We shun the idea that we might, might, be wrong about anything. Over time people become even more aggressive about protecting their beliefs, even more critical of those who do the same (because they’re less awake, obviously) and therefore even less attractive to people who might be willing to consider that your flat earth theory might at least be worth looking at if nothing more.

There is no ‘alternative media’ scene. There is plenty of great independent media out there but this whole ‘movement’ is dead. It’s all about ensuring you’re never faced with an opposing argument and maximising income. Quite a bit like the mainstream media really. Funny that.

A door allows for travel in two directions, an open mind should be the same.

Now if you don’t mind I’m off to tell someone who believes the universe is a hologram why they’re completely mental. Hopefully I’ll get some thumb validation on Facebook!