Apple…Rotten and out to ruin everything.

Just a short one, really. Apple, that bastion of outstanding design and monumentally effective marketing recently refused to sign up to oppose the loss of Net Neutrality.

It isn’t enough that they use sweatshops to produce an item that costs you a fortune, it isn’t enough they gave us a product nobody needed then created a need so deep hipsters would lose a kidney rather than not upgrade to the latest version (iPad…lol), it isn’t still isn’t enough that they make sure you have to stick with them, use only what they approve of and generally make a lifetime commitment to giving them your disposable income. No, they now want to fuck up the Internet for everyone. Everyone that is except for the telecom and entertainment globocorps. Wonder why that is?

Apple...arseholes.Could it be that Apple are looking at getting into bed with a large entertainment company? Hmmmm. Face it, ¬†they screw you three ways to Sunday while you say “Thank you Apple” and now they want to make sure the Internet is essentially crippled by helping the lobbyists kill the level playing field aspect of the Internet.

I’ll blog more about Net Neutrality and why it’s so important to all of us soon (I know, I’ll bet you’re terribly excited about that) but for now keep in mind that company you adore, the ones that make the beautiful product you doubtless fondle more often than you should, they want to fuck over the Internet and, as a result, hurt not only the consumer but also cripple so many small enterprises.

Apple are bad. Sorry.

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