Well then

I know this has taken around six months to get to but here it is. I’ve messed around with other blog and CMS software but found my way back to WordPress which is probably quite predictable. I dare say over time (if anyone comes here) I will add functionality or break it by installing the wrong plugins, but I guess that’s just part of the charm.


The main thing is I obviously just don’t want this to become a chore because:

This was me being interviewed about three or four years ago (I think!) for a documentary which never happened. It was called “Ogrish The Movie” but it wasn’t just about that site, it was about the communities that spring up around such sites. Everything I saw looked great but it appears financial difficulties and the more damaging “artistic differences” got in the way. Shame that.

a) I highly doubt many people will actually read this blog

b) I’m not entirely sure it will be interesting if they do

Everything on this blog (At this point) will either be solely my opinion or just something I find interesting enough to share. Opinions stated do not IN ANY WAY represent companies I work with, including LiveLeak.com. Also, this blog isn’t going to be an extended support centre for LiveLeak. It’s just my own little space so if I choose to ignore you or settle down to insulting you for a while it’s your own damn fault. And you should probably man up a little and walk it off or something.

Right, now that I’ve made an actual post on this thing I’m off for a brew and to build lego towers with my son. Laters!


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