A system worth saving?

Just when you thought the whole historical sex abuse drama couldn’t get any more twisted along comes someone who can throw a serious spanner into the works of any ex-politician or celebrity hoping their past history of sexual wrongs stayed a thing of the past, step up Lord Tebbit. For those who don’t know Lord Tebbit is an arch Tory, was the Chairman of the Tory party and, during the Thatcher years, was renowned as the chap would would beat politicians into submission when it came to towing the party line. He’s put himself front and centre of the furore by quite literally stating there was a cover up. Oh dear.

He alleges the Thatcher government orchestrated this disgraceful cover up to protect the system. He also claims it was a case of getting it spectacularly wrong given the claims of abuse kept piling up. Now, some people have claimed it’s wonderful him stepping forward and blowing the doors off this, I’m less impressed. It’s all well and good looking at cases from 30 and 40 years ago but why in the hell didn’t he do something back then? Oh, of course. They were protecting “The System”. Now pardon me if I come across a little cynical but have you heard anything more disgusting than this? What kind of system is so important that child sexual abuse should be swept under the rug to protect it? The government? Hardly. We were supposed to be a democracy, we were supposed to trust the people in power to do the right thing, to be beyond reproach and now we find out that, along with screwing our service industries into the ground, successive governments from back then (and it couldn’t have only been the Tories, get real) were sure what was actually in our best interests was to protect paedophiles with well paid jobs.

Anyone alive from that period that was in power should be dragged before the beak at the earliest available opportunity because I for one am sick and tired of the state prosecutors dragging out some dead or nearly dead celebrity and dragging them through the mud (and rightly so in many cases!) but ignoring the obvious fact they must have had a support system, people who protected and even enabled them. I want these people dragged into the light, pushed before the people and face their punishment should they be found guilty. Given Lord Tebbit’s claims why isn’t there a list? Why isn’t there information on all those who knew about this abuse yet either turned the other cheek or buried it? Of course, it’s only once I say that then I realise why. We have to protect the system.

Even the mere mention of organised sexual abuse among those occupying the higher echelons of power used to be enough to have you labelled as a conspiracy nut but it’s all coming to light now. So why are we only being drop fed a few celebrities to burn on the bonfire of public indignation? Should the government decide to launch what they will doubtless call “a full, and frank investigation” into the whole affair who exactly will trust them when chances are the results will be a couple of dead senior politicians and perhaps one over 70 are handed to the wolves? I know I won’t, I can’t. The seeds of doubt are sown too well and they’re bearing fruit.

We’re told that all of this anti-authoritarian content on “alternative media” websites is a major contributory factor in people not trusting politicians any more. Sorry to break it to you governments of the world but it’s entirely your own doing. Protect the system? How does any of us possibly believe in protecting a system so inherently rotten that even when a senior politician informs the world of sexual abuse cover ups nobody is really surprised? There is no system here worth protecting, drag it all into the light of public scrutiny, clean that dirty laundry before our very eyes, and maybe we can go from there. Maybe.


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