Time for a change!

It’s been a little quiet here on the site of late and for that I do apologise in particular to that small group of wonderful people who do actually come here and read my brain dumps and listen to the podcasts. It’s not that I’ve gotten bored and I most certainly haven’t run out of interesting and annoying things to write about, I’ve just been a touch busy.

There are a few things I can’t really talk about yet, a few that are probably too dull to talk about, and a couple I definitely can give you some information on. First of all the Hayden Hewitt Podcast. This has gone off the radar a little as I’ve had the Eloquent Gentlemen podcast as a playground recently (more on that a little later) and if I’m honest it always felt a little forced. After thinking about it I’ve decided I won’t be continuing with that particular podcast in its current form. But if you enjoyed it fear not…it’s going to be far better!


At some point in the next couple of weeks I’m going to turn that podcast into what I can only describe as a ‘show’. Initially it will be audio only and it will be based on current and topical events, I’ll have guests on depending on the topic, and best of all I’ll be able to take Skype calls and e-mails because we’ll be going out live! The show will be broadcast via LiveLeak.com using the live streaming platform, after the show has gone out it will then be archived on LiveLeak and available to download from there too. Within a couple of days of broadcast the show will then be available on various other platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, e.t.c.) so you can continue listening however you wish.

I’m pretty excited about this as well as nervous. Broadcasting live isn’t anything new to me but doing it for me most certainly is. Hopefully the show will be informative and entertaining and if you’re around when I go live I do hope you’ll call in so I don’t feel like Billy No Mates. I’ll post up more information soon but it’s looking like the first shows will concern themselves with – among other things – The People’s Voice and what exactly did go wrong with David Icke’s dream of a 24 hour alternate news station and fracking where I’ll have a guest on who works in the industry and he’ll explain why it’s not as bad as everyone seems to think which should get some folks arguing the point.

I’ll let you guys know well in advance so you can send in questions ahead of time should you wish. This should be FUN!

Now onto The Eloquent Gentlemen. If you’ve listened to these rambling, misanthropic podcasts it should be apparent I’m having far too much fun. Both Dave and I want to do a lot more with the Eloquent Gentlemen including a site of its own and perhaps just a little more structure to the format. If you haven’t listened to one yet you really should because what better way to spend an hour of your life is there than listening to two middle-aged men complaining roundly about all manner of things? We’re also considering using crowd funding to really provide an outstanding service to you cynicism lovers out there. Of course, I’ll keep you fully informed of that too.

As I said there are some other things I wish I could talk about but at this point it would be way too premature. Hopefully you’ll agree that there’s already some pretty cool stuff on the horizon and I really hope you’ll enjoy as much as I will. Please send me a mail if you want any particular topics covered too! Speak to you guys soon.

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