So, what’s next?

It seems like I’m always busy these days but apparently not so busy that I’m refusing to dig into new projects. Here’s what’s coming up between now and the winter.

The Hayden Hewitt Show: I know, it’s a catchy title isn’t it. I’ve mentioned this recently but it’s pretty much a weekly online radio show covering current events and topics of interest with guests and even a live call in. Once the show’s finished it will be archived and within 48 hours you should be able to get it on iTunes and the wonderful Stitcher app.

The Eloquent Gentlemen: Seeing as we enjoy it so much we’re going to build on the idea a little. We’re going to be improving the podcast and adding a website which – as far as we can tell – will be a little like the Huffington Post if everyone at the Huffington Post rocked up to work each day off their tits on Absinthe and LSD. There will probably be a small crowd funding element to this so if you like it please consider being a part of it. It goes without saying there will be a LOT more details released about this before too long.

The LiveLeak Show: After going on a break back in January the all new LiveLeak Live Show should be unveiled around October in time for the LiveLeak birthday show. The new show will be totally LiveLeak centric and media heavy. It will involve graphic material, material that will make you feel unwell, material which will make you laugh, and massive amount of trolling and swearing.

Spare Room Stream: Not of interest to everyone but I’ll continue doing my live video streams from my spare room to hang out with the LiveLeak folks. At least that’s the plan, at this rate I won’t have any spare time left!

There is also a business related podcast (UK small and medium business) in the works but I’m mostly just hosting that one rather than offering any great insight. Of course, I probably don’t offer up great insight terribly often anyway. I’ll keep you guys posted just in case it’s your sort of thing.

I’m also still checking the viability of another idea but it’s a pretty big deal and I don’t want to reveal details yet just in case a) It isn’t actually viable and b) I cock it all up somehow. Needless to say what’s left of 2014 is going to be damn busy!

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