Atheism and other assorted stupidity.

First of all let me set my stall out, to all intents and purposes I most certainly am an atheist. I do not even vaguely accept religion of any variety as having any validity or foundation¬† in reality. At best I find it to be a foolish belief in man made fairy tales and at worst a divisive virus that shows man at his most reprehensible. Put simply I abhor religion. The thing is, this is just my opinion and nothing more. I’m comfortable knowing there is absolutely no evidence backing up religious doctrine or claims and that’s where it would end providing religion didn’t interfere with my life which, sadly, it does. But what’s equally annoying to me now are the new breed of atheists.

You know the sort, they pile into any given forum, quote scripture from their gods of atheism – Dawkins in particular – and then proceed to attack people who believe in religion on a quite personal level. They even have meetings now where they all convene to discuss how they don’t believe in something and, quite frankly, it gets right on my tits. Why? Put simply it’s because they’re acting exactly like the followers of a sky genie now and it’s getting bloody hard to tell them apart.

There are a couple of very simple things which seem to completely elude these young followers of the non-god. Firstly it’s rather difficult to put out a fire using petrol. What you tend to get is a bigger fire and lots of people spending time as guests of the burn unit. The other thing is that you simply cannot argue with faith. Trying to use logical arguments on people who have completely illogical beliefs is so utterly pointless it hurts. Now, if you’re debating for the sake of debate then it can be really rather entertaining but you can’t help getting the impression many people are looking to convert others via the means of debate. Why not ask them if they’d like a non-baptism while you’re at it?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think atheists are anywhere near as reprehensible as some of our religious brethren. No atheist has ever told me I should die for disrespecting their beliefs and nor do atheists tend to throw out ridiculous arguments based on mouldy old books written as a control device for the plebs, they tend to focus on the reality of the situation relying on facts and proof. But so many of them really need to reel their necks in.

I don’t understand attacking someone who is religious simply because they are religious. The most evil thing most of these people do is infect their children with the same god virus they have. For the most part the overwhelming majority of religious people practice their religion and lead normal lives. Don’t discount the fact that for some religion brings comfort, it brings a sense of purpose to those who cannot comprehend nature or the fact there’s a good chance that when it’s over, it’s really over. Why hate them for what is little more than a weakness? Treat them as equals and perhaps pity them a little, anyone hedging their bets for an afterlife is clearly missing out on some aspect of life and as long as they are happy then I say leave them to it.

Of course, the viral nature of religion means it tries to infect everybody. Every religious person thinks the world would be a better place if only it ran according to the rules their particular brand of madness has set out. Some of those values aren’t all that bad really, the ones based more on forgiveness and support. Others are so repellent you can see why the religion itself enjoys the greatest popularity in countries with extremely poor education and cultural retardism.

So where am I going with this? Well, my little atheist chum, how about you stop focussing on some sad sack in Ohio who happens to love Christ or some guy in Blackburn who thinks Allah is the ticket to everlasting glory. Those people will never hurt you, they won’t for the most part even dream of forcing you to follow their rules or doctrines. Focus instead on our governments, ensure they do not weaken in the face of religion as they so often do because attacking the individual merely strengthens the case for protecting religion, a move many of our governments are creeping towards.

Campaign against ridiculous rules concerning whether it should be illegal to insult religion (it shouldn’t), campaign to take away the tax exempt status of religions (I never did understand that status), campaign to get bishops kicked out of the house of Lords. Do what you can to ensure religion remains a personal thing and then you can comfortably debate it with the individuals. Don’t trust in god, we’ve seen where that leads, trust in humanity and at least be disappointed in a manner you can deal with.

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