Your government thinks you are a moron.

You! Yes, you reading this. Your government thinks you are a moron. A sheep, a number, an expendable asset who merely needs appeasing from time to time in order to keep you under the jackboot of what they laughingly call democracy. You’re given the illusion that you can change things, that you can decide who gets into power, that you have a say all the time working towards ensuring you can do none of those things. Want proof? How about the fact they’re treating you like a moron over a key issue right this minute?

I realise that to some this sounds like typical conspiracy nonsense but how else could we explain the actions of our government? To make this point clear I’m going to avoid conspiracy theories and even historical events and focus merely on the recent events we can all consider. I promise there will be no mention of reptillians or a new world order here and if you can argue my point and tell me why I’m wrong I invite you to do so because I’d really like to be proven wrong in this case more than you might believe.

Here in the UK recent events have beggared belief. Not only is our government behaving in the most shocking of manners they’re actually rubbing our noses in it safe in the knowledge society has become too apathetic to do anything about it. This is terrifying to me and should be to you also.

Let’s look at the whole “historical sex abuse” inquiry being touted by government. Taken at face value the idea makes sense, find all of the members of government who have been raping and abusing children and bring them to justice. Yes, government being pro-active – kind of – and making a difference with a ‘full and frank inquiry’. Who could argue that’s a bad thing, right? I mean, if you did that would make you as bad as the abusers themselves. Our government cares after all. Bullshit, complete and utter bullshit. What they are talking about is a historic inquiry only covering the 1970’s and 1980’s. Can you see what’s wrong with that? Let me tell you.

Firstly, I’m no clairvoyant but I can tell you that the result of this inquiry will be “Yes, there were small groups involved in child abuse and they were covered up” and then one or two dead people will be ‘brought to justice’ and if we’re lucky another couple of creaky old political monsters who are practically dead already. Prosecutions will happen, apologies will be made, and there will be promises that it will never happen again. All will be good in the world. Obviously the people who covered it up won’t end up in court, those shadowy civil servants who seem to rule the rulers. Nor will those who simply chose to look the other way be charged with anything although they most assuredly should. How could they be in those hallowed halls of power and not know something was going on, even just a rumour in those circumstances should trigger and investigation. But they’ll be left alone.

Worst of all it will end with the 1980’s. We’re to believe that any such abuse miraculously ended when the 90’s rolled around. It’s just a wild coincidence that many of the people in power now started to crawl into the corridors of Westminster in that decade. But none of them were as bad as those monsters from the 70’s and 80’s, no way! But it doesn’t matter who thinks that because the media will be crowing over the dead and almost dead dragged screaming – in the case of the living – into the light. We’ll ignore the obvious, just give us a couple of monsters to hate!

Just to really rub our nose in it we then hear they’re choosing some old battleaxe to head the inquiry who’s not exactly above suspicion herself when it comes to thinking that covering up such crimes among our ‘betters’ is a good idea. Luckily there was some press stoked outrage about this and she’s to be replaced. With the way things are heading I wouldn’t be surprised if David Cameron were to announce Jonathan King was now to head the inquiry given his experience.

Think about all the child protection laws that have been passed in the last four decades. Think about the things we’ve tolerated for ‘the sake of the children’. We’ve seen works of fiction such as horror movies banned, we’ve seen the Internet being slowly strangled by opt out censorship devices. We’ve seen an increase in powers to scrutinise our every move, we’ve seen parents banned from taking photos at sports days and children’s plays. We’ve tolerated ridiculous measures because we’ve been told it protects our children and when all that was going on it seems many of the people behind those laws being passed were either raping our children, covering up that abuse, or turning the other cheek.

Given all this how can we possibly trust our politicians now? How can we trust senior civil servants or even senior members of many police forces ( look at Savile as an example of police inquiries simply ‘going away’), how can we possibly trust any of those in power unless we do actually get an open, public inquiry? The answer is, we can’t. We cannot trust them and they are not to be trusted but things will carry on because we’re just good little sheep who will only grumble quietly whilst getting on with life and further greasing the wheels of government that mince our futures.

If you’re from outside of the UK and perhaps feeling a little safer I’m afraid I have to burst your bubble. Your government is no better. Take a closer look, you’ll see.


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