Emma Watson nudes! Oh…not really.

4chan-9557-1920x1200IF YOU LOOK AT LEAKED PHOTOS OR WATCH LEAKED SEX TAPES YOU ARE A RAPIST! Do you remember that floating around with increasing frequency during that whole ‘The Fappening’ event? I do, po-faced celebrities and hangers on, mean spirited feminists, and other anti-people threw that claim out there without a care in the world. Never mind it’s probably just a little offensive to actual rape victims who have had their lives torn apart by an act of utter savagery. No, they’re clearly no worse off than some media sponge who was too stupid to keep whatever nude pictures or videos they had locally. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with storing private images and videos on the cloud when you’re famous? Right?

So, it was all blamed on 4chan anyway and it was all blowing over. People stopped caring, possibly when they discovered the well kept secret that nudity and sex are actually freely available on the Internet anyway (I know, MIND BLOWN!). But then the Emma Watson nude rumours began and it all seemed to kick off again.

Yes, that actress who was in Harry Potter and who was apparently the object of affection for many a repressed paedo, had allegedly been the next victim of this cyber rape. And who was blamed? Why, 4chan of course. Not only was the site mentioned as the culprit behind emmayouarenext.com (a countdown to the release of said nudes) it was also pointed out the denizens of 4chan were doing this because of the fragrant Ms. Watson’s speech at the U.N. The media ate this up. A site offering a countdown to nudity of some actress, a speech at the UN, and a website full to the brim of cyber criminals with an axe to grind regarding young ladies promoting equality…PHWOAR! Quick question, did any of these lazy “journalists” visit 4chan? If so, what gave them the impression the /b/ board was full of political activists pushing for less equality? I’ve been to /b/ to have a look and that’s not really the vibe I caught there if I’m honest.

Anyway, it turns out that emmayouarenext.com was actually the work of a “company” called Rantic. Rantic are pretty much Internet bottom feeders.  They churn out lowest common denominator dross to get hits and cash, simple. It works too, doesn’t it! But this time they’re white knighting this situation. Yes, they’re going to get 4chan shut down! Apparently their services have been retained by various publicists of celebrity morons to push more more censorship of the Internet and the destruction of 4chan. Not to mention they get noticed by so many millions more people now. A win win, right? Granted, they kind of leaked the story it was all because of 4chan (naughty!) and they might have used a ton of sock puppet accounts on Twitter to get it out there (LAME!) and now they’re attacking the very culture they’ve grown fat feeding from. I doubt anyone has retained their services for anything, this stinks of a self serving situation. Viral marketing at its best…or worst.

Hell, they even have an open letter to President Obama on their site. Apparently censoring the Internet and destroying 4chan will have measurable effects on suicide statistics. Not to mention children will be protected from seeing vile things they shouldn’t be looking at, doubtless once this distraction is dealt with said children can go back to murdering prostitutes for money in a video game which is obviously far more healthy than looking at a human body.

There’s no history of Rantic actually existing outside of this situation, btw. There is talk of previous altercations with 4chan folks over such things as GTAV possibly being scrapped for the PC or some other such nonsense but there’s precious little of substance.

Now, I don’t support the hacking and releasing of private images or videos. I simply don’t like it and I do feel it’s an invasion of privacy and generally pretty low. It’s not rape, it’s not an attack on women, it’s people wanting to see naked images of someone who has made a living objectifying themselves to one degree or another. The actions of the celebrity don’t warrant such things happening to them but it’s pretty obvious why it happens. Add to that the clear stupidity / naivety of the celebrities concerned and something was bound to give. I also don’t really support 4chan. It’s not a site I visit or particularly care about. That being said I know an attack on the Net we all love when I see one and while I couldn’t possibly condone illegal activities or hacking sites out of some sense of revenge it’s a fair bet something will likely befall Rantic or its people and I can’t help but think they actually have brought it upon themselves and deserve it for this lousy scam which is wrong on quite a few levels. Clearly this is a concern for Rantic too given they claim they are seeking to employ ex-government IT people. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time applying for that position, doesn’t seem like there’ll be a great deal of job security there. Obviously I would advise against such things as they’d simply play into the clammy hands of Rantic anyway but 4chan is no more responsible for telling its members what to do than any other large site.

In closing, we have an unfortunate situation which has been pounced on by some grubby marketing company trying to big itself up. As for the publicists being up in arms and wanting to censor the planet to protect their clients, I’ve never met a publicist yet who wouldn’t rub their hands in glee where this sort of publicity is concerned. Nude videos = bad, client successfully sold as akin to a rape victim thus getting lots of column inches = AWESOME!

The people behind “Rantic” are obviously vile opportunists only too happy to throw others under the bus. The funny part is so many people will be supporting this “company” and their endeavours without once knowing what’s actually going on. The people behind Rantic have collected millions of hits off this. Have a think about what the goals actually are here.

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