The conspiracy of hate.

It’s been a couple of months since I last wrote on the site and, oddly enough, I feel kind of bad about that. I’ll post more later or tomorrow about what I’m up to right now – for those who care – but for now there’s something else that’s been grinding my gears for a while. Why is the “alternative media” so full of boorish, hateful, morons?

Last year a journalist wrote that my blog site was curmudgeonly and I can’t find fault with that description, it’s pretty much on the money. This same journalist also said it was very much in the mode of a (and I have to paraphrase here, I don’t recall exactly and I refuse to Google myself) “you’re all sheeple” type affair and that I take issue with. I don’t believe myself to be any kind of great sage and nor do I believe I have the inside track on events. It’s not who I am so if I have come across in that manner frequently on this site please put it down to my decidedly average writing skills rather than a genuine belief on my part.

You see, I don’t know what happened on 9-11. I know some planes flew into some buildings and the buildings came down, that much I do know for sure. Is there more to it? I might think so, I might harbour suspicions, it might just be I’m confused by the lack of real information in the 9-11 report, but I don’t know anything beyond that. How could I? There’s no proof of an inside job and no matter how many alternative media ‘fans’ claim otherwise there’s no proof Israel was involved. There’s no knowing, there is only theorising. Now, I love a good conspiracy theory, they’re interesting and often a good cerebral exercise, but until proof comes along they’re nothing more than that.

Immediately after the recent attacks in Paris the “FALSE FLAG, IT’S A FALSE FLAG” brigade were out in force. Why was it a false flag? Well, it looked like they missed when they tried to shoot the prone police officer in the head. Wasn’t it convenient that someone was filming but stopped? One of my favourites was “Jihaddist’s don’t wear Nike trainers”. Each of these apparently makes it as plain as the nose on your face that it was an inside job concocted by the Israelis / some race of lizard people. Of course, should you question it then you’re going to have at least one disgruntled ‘truth seeker’ on your case.

You’ll be told you’re ‘stupid’ that you should ‘keep drinking the kool aid’ (which is one of my favourites, they can’t even get the drink right in their Jonestown accusations!). You’ll be told that you’re a ‘sheep’ and that ‘if you can’t see this is true from the evidence I’ve shown then there’s no hope for you’. Problem is, there’s rarely – or never – any bloody evidence. It’s always some cherry picked, and often inconclusive / insubstantial, fact which is blown out of all proportion whilst other aspects are completely ignored or my personal favourite the link to a YouTube video posted by some other nimrod who tells you ‘if you can’t see this is a fact you’re asleep’ or similar. Said videos are often two hours long and hosted by a presenter with all the personality of plankton. You have to watch it right to the end though otherwise you’re a sheep with a poor attention span.

To the people who act this way I can only say fuck you. Fuck you and your desire to cripple any genuine truth movement with your utter stupidity and childish behaviour. Fuck you for putting someone like Ken O’Keefe on a pedestal whilst looking down at the morons who stick poorly spelled Britain First posters all over Facebook. You’re no different to them, you just have a different flavour of stupid hate. Any truth movement should be about questions and that doesn’t mean only questions you’re comfortable with. Question everything! And most assuredly you should be questioning anyone who tells you they know ‘the truth about 9-11 / whatever’ because they’re invariably morons who can’t quite separate fantasy from reality and desperately need to be seen as someone more ‘awake’ than the rest of us.

The hate is boring, the hate is self destructive, and don’t bother ever putting your nose in the air when discussing the general public’s acceptance of mainstream news when you guys will swallow whatever bollocks your chosen prophet vomits out online this week. For everyone else, keep fighting the good fight I guess.

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