Me? A broadcaster? Whut?

Funny really, of all the things I thought I’d like to have a crack at live broadcasting wasn’t really one of them. For someone who used to be in a band I find being behind the scenes far more appealing most of the time but LiveLeak kind of put paid to that what with the the TV interviews we used to do, trips to lecture, all that stuff. But going on camera to actually present something…no way!

A still from LIVE! We're probably laughing after something absolutely awful has been said.
A still from LIVE! We’re probably laughing after something absolutely awful has been said.

But that’s what we ended up doing with the live streaming. For a while we did the LiveLeak LIVE! show which was amazingly good fun if not a little terrifying when the viewing figures went over the 1000 mark. Things tapered off with us leaving the old studio so I started doing some far more sedate, but no less enjoyable, broadcasts from my spare room.

As the new studio looms ever closer we’ve been looking at what we’re going to do. The first plan is to rename (or ‘rebrand’ if you’re into that sort of thing) LiveLeak LIVE! into ‘The LiveLeak Show”, staggeringly original I know but it means saying ‘live’ a little less. It will be a similar format, with Marty, Jon, and myself, and completely LiveLeak centric. So still plenty of swearing, call ins, insults, more swearing, and e-mails. If you saw the old show it’ll be much the same only more. Another plan that’s been put forward is for a pre-recorded, current events type show. Now, this isn’t us being all ‘we’re like the Young Turks only scruffier’, no. This will be an opinionated take on the weeks news and although it won’t be branded completely as a LiveLeak show that spirit will prevail. After all, who on earth could imagine me reading the news?

I’m actually hoping that, should all this come off, I’ll still have time for those little streams from my spare room. There’s something pretty cool about the laid back vibe they have. Just me and a couple of hundred folks with nothing better to do at that particular time shooting the shit. It’s far more like hanging out and way less terrifying than sitting behind a desk and hearing Marty intone “Live in 5…4…3…” and watching those numbers climb up!

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