I’ve seen well kept gardens on the television and on LiveLeak folks will upload something that has become known as a ‘Gardensay’ where they show off the fruits of their green fingered labours for the enjoyment of all (well, all who enjoy gardening I guess). I don’t watch them personally because my ideal garden would be concrete slabs as far as the eye can see, perhaps with the odd dandelion growing through the gaps here and there for eye candy.

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Me? A broadcaster? Whut?

Funny really, of all the things I thought I’d like to have a crack at live broadcasting wasn’t really one of them. For someone who used to be in a band I find being behind the scenes far more appealing most of the time but LiveLeak kind of put paid to that what with the the TV interviews we used to do, trips to lecture, all that stuff. But going on camera to actually present something…no way!

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Or so the Internet tells me. My Facebook lit up like a rather damp and uber-liberal Christmas tree and the shrieking, maiden aunts who seem to make up the Twitter audience were going mental. Finally they’d got him right where they wanted him “JEREMY CLARKSON IS A MASSIVE RACIST”. Only…well…he isn’t really is he? At least, not as far as I know or you either. Unless you actually know the man and found his stash of SS uniforms and saw a home video of him shoveling rag dolls with yellow stars on them into a bonfire. And if that’s the case, get in touch we’ll make a fortune!

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Today one of our dogs, Flower, died quite unexpectedly. The wife and I have always been incredibly soft hearted with animals and Flower was no exception to this. She was ten years old when she died but we’d only had her for five years. Each of our dogs is either re-homed or rescued and we actually bought Flower from a breeder who had relentlessly bred her then decided to get rid once it was apparent she was all used up.

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Well then

I know this has taken around six months to get to but here it is. I’ve messed around with other blog and CMS software but found my way back to WordPress which is probably quite predictable. I dare say over time (if anyone comes here) I will add functionality or break it by installing the wrong plugins, but I guess that’s just part of the charm.

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