My name’s Hayden. As of this writing I’m 47 years old and still haven’t figured it all out. I live in a fairly anonymous suburb of Manchester, in a fairly anonymous house with my exceptional and wonderful family. When we aren’t having global pandemics and I’m not staggering from one catastrophe to another I tend to be quite content. I am one of the Co-Founders of LiveLeak.com (sorry, not sorry) and I’ve generally made it my business to be the grit – if only a tiny particle –  in the Vaseline of life.

Although I do design websites for others I’m not doing anything here beyond plain old text blogging with an off the shelf theme. This may change but I’m not entirely sure I see the point just yet.

You won’t find any monumental wisdom here, you won’t find any answers you couldn’t already figure out, but you will find me sharing my life and thoughts and anything else I find interesting. If you find it interesting too then I guess we’ll all be happy. If not, don’t worry there are millions of other blogs to choose from.

Get in touch if you like. See you on the Net.


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