It’s really quite impressive isn’t it, that what appears to be a very small percentage of society are causing all kinds of ructions in demand of rights everyone’s a little confused about. But of course, it isn’t about that small slice of our people, not at all. We’re getting some pretty serious mission creep. Trans people are just what’s being co-opted to glom some moral authority, some sense of righteousness. And it’s a damn shame.

I can’t sit here and claim “but some of my best friends are trans”, because they aren’t. But I’ve had trans friends, colleagues, hired trans people, and when I was young I used to sit chatting to a trans woman as she fixed her Jaguar XJS outside the flats where we lived. I didn’t know I was supposed to have issues with them because they were just people. Growing up I assumed trans people had gone through a struggle I couldn’t comprehend and were simply trying to live a life where they felt comfortable in their own skin. If they could only be happy by appearing to be another sex (or gender these days I suppose, it all gets murky) then more power to them.

Then it changed, it seemed people saw trans people and thought “yes, that’s me!” of course they didn’t add publicly “But I don’t want the counselling, the drug therapy, the surgery…I just want to BE!” and so was born the rather interesting self-ID movement where it now appears that I, a 47 year old fat, bald man with a beard, a penis, and the usual amount of testicles, can proclaim that I am a woman and people will accept me as such. And if they don’t, they’re monsters. Absolute monsters!

The funny thing is, I don’t see an issue so much with people proclaiming themselves to be whatever they want. What I do have an issue with is that it is then demanded that I endorse them, believe them, support them and accept they are what they think they are. I’m not really down with that. Even worse is when they demand that, as trans people, they should have access to female spaces. They demand it, they have the moral authority, they are “the most marginalised group on earth” and to refuse them is “literally killing people”. They aren’t, it doesn’t, but the narrative demands you believe. BELIEVE!

Most women I have spoken to didn’t seem to have a problem with trans people using changing rooms and toilets, probably because trans people used to be just that, people looking to transition. And I would put forward that trans people do deserve our care, they’re struggling. The new trans aren’t struggling. So how do we tell the difference?

Apart from the blindingly obvious we are being manoeuvred into a position where even questioning this marks you as a TERF and therefore deserving of violence, rape, or at the very least to suck some “lady dick”. Trans people are naturally concerned they might lose rights where the bearded TRAS (trans activists…usually not trans, mostly very angry and desperate to cancel anybody not adhering to the gospel) are screaming they are losing them. That they have every right to enter female spaces because they are women. NO DEBATE.

And this is where Trans Women are Women becomes problematic. What on the surface might seem a harmless way of showing solidarity for a fellow human becomes a mantra of demand. First there was the changing of everyone’s idea of the meaning of gender, and most of us went along with that. But now that gender has become little more than a societal construct with no meaning sex is the subject. More and more often we are seeing sex being questioned, obfuscated, the distinctions blurred with pseudo science backed up with NO DEBATE. If it says “female” on the driving license then that’s what someone is. You must accept this. TWAW isn’t enough, now they are female. They deserve access to female spaces because that’s what they are. Whether that space be a changing room or gynaecologist (no, really). You will not question. You will accept.

Women who worry themselves that males will use this opportunity for nefarious purposes are told by people who previously might well have explained to you that all men are potential rapists suffering from toxic masculinity will shout them down, telling them they’re being ridiculous. That it’s trans people who suffer the most, are attacked the most, are raped the most. And if you ask for some statistics on that which aren’t centred around the murder wonderland that is Brazil…well…NO DEBATE.

These people are entitled monsters. They’re pushing into the LGBT scene by deciding they’re “queer”. When I was growing up you didn’t call gay people “queer” because that was a slur. But now it describes people who die their hair blue and found some gender description they liked on Tumbler and pushed their way in. They have pushed into the trans community “Hello fellow brother / sister. I too am trans because I have decided. I will not transition – of course – but I will tell you how it is and if you dare say anything that conflicts with my belief you will become the wrong sort of trans person. NO DEBATE TRUSCUM!”.

This parasitical person will climb on your back to cross the stream, and it will most assuredly sting you at some point. You are nothing more than a means for them to satisfy their narcissism, their desire for power over others. They are authoritarian, they are uncaring, they are “woke” and whilst they will scream at you for cultural appropriation they will gleefully indulge in sexual appropriation. After all, that’s where the perceived power is right now.

I guess Magdalene Berns wasn’t wrong, people just didn’t realise who she was aiming at.

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