It’s not often I evangelise a platform, in fact it’s very rare. We’re living in a time where your content is owned by anyone but you. The power over whether it’s even available lies not with you but some tech bros who might well decide you’re “problematic” and remove your content, your name or anything really. For me this is where Lbry comes in. Decentralised and built on the blockchain using P2P networks as long as your content exists SOMEWHERE then it exists for everyone and of course your meta data is entered to the blockchain meaning nobody can simply pull the plug on you.

It’s not a “new youtube” or “new Twitter” or whatever but it is a way of ensuring only you control your content and what happens with it and I find that really exciting. Head to or download the app and give it a whirl. You can share your content, decide whether it’s free or paid (using LBC) and simply get it out there by whatever means possible knowing you can’t have the rug pulled from under you quite so easily.

This post was created directly within the app and shared from there. Nice!

Here endeth today’s sermon.

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