“Essential”, it’s a word we seem to be using quite a lot (though not as much as unprecedented which has seen an unprecedented growth in these unprecedented times). Often it’s used incorrectly by whining arseholes on the Internet who can’t quite grasp what the government have been advising so they run it through their own internal filter to decide exactly what is essential.

Today I was asked if my journey would be essential. Did I really, REALLY, need to go out and do some filming. Hardly key work is it? Hardly an NHS hero, stay home. Stay home you dreadful disease spreading monster. Thing is though, it is essential.

If I need to go to the shops for a Vileda supermop and a creme egg, it’s essential. If I decide I need to go and sit in the supermarket car park for 20 minutes just to reset my brain in silence, it’s essential. And if I have to go do a filming project it’s essential. Why? Well, because I can’t do it from home and my family need to eat. There was never a mention of “essential work” by the government but it seems people (and the police) have decided what is and isn’t essential based on nothing more than how they feel about it. Personally I believe it’s important to maintain as much normality as you can while at the same time sticking to the government guidelines. If you interpret those guidelines as meaning you have to hide under your stairs, eating beans, and praying – and clapping – to your new god the NHS then you knock yourself out. Just stop thinking everyone else needs to embrace your dysfunction and we’ll get along fine.

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